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My hula hoop workshop at a teenage party gets older kids involved and moving while participating in something fun
Hula hooping workshops for adults in a safe environment is a great way to relax
Private hula hooping lessons are available on request if you are keen to find a different way to exercise and stay in shape. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
This workshop was presented as part of a yoga and movement session at an outdoor festival in Mphumalanga
Graceful hoop dancer performing during the day. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Hula hooping classes can be booked for an individual or a group of ladies
Musical hula hoops is one of the games that we play with kids at a hula hooping party
Learning to do some tricks like hooping around your elbow is a lot of fun. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a hooping workshop where practice hula hoops are provided. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a cool hula hooping trick is to hoop around your shoulders. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a hula hooping workshop is a fun idea for a group of ladies who want to move and learn to hula hoop in order to stay fit. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
I offer small workshops on a Saturday morning in Pretoria and Johannesburg. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Hooping workshops offer you the chance to learn some hula hooping tricks. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
We offer hula hooping performances in Gauteng. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Kids playing hooping games at a charity day at Kids Haven in Johannesburg. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Day-time hula hooping performances will add something different to your family day. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Hula hooping is a fun way to keep kids active and entertained at a party
hula hooping workshops is a fun way to spend time outdoors while being active
Some hula hooping tricks are more complex but I accommodate all levels of hoopers at my workshops. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Hula hooping was a hit at a fun day for kids at a home outside Johannesburg
I accommodate all level of hoopers at my hula hooping workshops. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za




Rainbow pattern created by an LED hula hoop at a corporate function

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