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a Fire fans and double staff item performed by our fire duo in Zambia. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Fire dancer with fire fingers enjoying music through headphones at a silent dance event in Johannesburg. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a fire finger performance at a carnival themed 30th birthday
a daytime fire fan performance for KFC
These fire fingers are gloves worn by the fire dancer. The result is a very graceful fire performance because it is like having flames at the end of her own fingers. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a solo fire poi performance at a wedding in Pretoria. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
The fire dancer pauses and strikes a pose for the camera before continuing with her fire fan performance
Here Christa is dancing with fire fans and Adrian with a fire staff only lit on the one sided during a duo performance at Monti Casino in Fourways. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
My solo fire show package includes a fire hula hoop piece which always wows the audience
In this photograph it looks like Christa is dancing in the flames. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
We offer solo fire dancing shows in which a variety of fire toys such as these fire fans are used. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Artistic photograph of Christa posing with a fire umbrella at Riverside Castle outside Pretoria East. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a fire dancer swinging fire poi in a circular motion to create these fire circles
Beautiful female duo show with fire umbrella and fire fingers
a Fire dancer with fire fingers sitting in a half moon prop designed by Con Grazia. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Christa pausing for a moment during her fire fan performance. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a fire fan performance accompanied by a violinist for a pirate theme corporate showpiece. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
These fire fingers always gets the audiences' attention because they are so different and the fire dancer can get really close up her crowd. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a focal point show with fire fingers at a 30th birthday party
Christa loving performing with fire poi at a wedding reception in Hatfield, Pretoria
Fire dancing with fire fingers at Constitutional Hill for the Secret Sunrise's first Sunset event. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Duo fire performance on stage at a carnival themed event in Kitwe, Zambia. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
We have a variety of fire show options on offer such as a solo, duo or trio focal point show. Other show options include busking and meet-and-great options while guests are having welcoming drinks
Fire poi consists of two wicks at the end of 2 chains and is swung around by the fire dancer to create patterns of fire in the dark sky. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
In this corporate show piece combo, you can see a fire performer and a Saxophonist perform together. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a hula hoop dancer performing with a Fire hula hoop in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Christa theatrically blowing the flames out at the end of her fire fan performance
a fire performance with headphones at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
We offer fire dancing performances at Wedding receptions all over South Africa. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Big circles of fire created around the fire dancer with fire poi. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
This fire poi item added a wow factor at a 13th birthday celebration




Rainbow pattern created by an LED hula hoop at a corporate function

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