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This Superman face paint design which matches the Superman theme of the party is looking awesome on the birthday boy. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
This pretty princess face paint design is a very popular design for young as well as older girls
Day of the Dead face paint for a very cool dude
A Minecraft party theme is great for girls or boys and it allows me to get creative with the face paint designs
a delicate design with flowers and small butterflies
This pink dinosaur face paint design will make any girl happy
Christa painting a Superman face paint design in blue, red and yellow on a boy at his birthday party
This photo of a Supergirl face paint in different shades of pink, purple and blue was taken at a family day in Rustenburg
One of my favourite face paint designs for older boys is this Chinese dragon design
Unicorn face paint design with delicate white and pink flowers to frame the face
This photo was taken at SunCity and shows a butterfly and a Spiderman face paint designs which are two of the most popular face paint designs for kids.
This flower fairy princess face paint design has a spray of small flowers on the side of the face and flower petals on the forehead
a group of girls with a unicorn, a rose princess, a mermaid and Frozen Elsa face paint designs. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Green, blue and white floral face paint design around the eye of a teenager
Kids just love this butterfly face paint design with small flower petals on the cheeks
This delicate flower face paint design was done at Suncity Holiday Resort, South Africa
This is my simplified cat face paint design with flowers incorporated into the design
In this mermaid face paint design which is simple yet effective, I use a face paint stencil to make the white seashells shapes
Halloween parties where kids dress-up and have their faces painted has become more popular over the last few years. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
This Wonder Woman face paint in blue, gold and red is a great design for girls who like superheroes
Almost all kids love face painting and especially this tiger- , cheetah- and princess face paint designs
a delicate flower face paint design with a bright pink background frames both eyes of this little girl
Boys like having a scary face painted on them and this blue and white Sugar Skull design works really well. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Christa dressed as Alice painting a butterfly design on a girls face at Suncity Holiday Resort, South Africa. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a quick and easy unicorn face paint design where the unicorn was done with a face paint stencil. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a lovely theme for a party is Frozen Elsa and this design with white and blue detail is very popular
a purple design with a peace sign incorporated into the design fitted the 60's themed event
Two princess face paint designs, one in shades of pink with a rose and the other painted with neon face paint
Boys can choose which colour mask they want to match their favorite Ninja Turtle character. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
This wolf face paint design was done in rainbow colours for these 2 girls but the design can easily be adjusted for a boy. www.enchantedbychrista
This face paint design was inspired by Judy, the brave police bunny from Zootopia.
Scary monster mask face paint designs to match a halloween theme or just for when boys want to look scary. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a half skull design face painted on a teenage girl in Pretoria. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a blue and yellow butterfly face paint design around one eye painted at The Valley of Waves, Suncity, South Africa. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Boys love having this Superman face paint design painted on their faces.
One of my earlier princess face paint designs in pink and blue when I was still getting the hang of teardrops. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a group of kids with the face painter after they've had their faces painted as batmans and princesses




Rainbow pattern created by an LED hula hoop at a corporate function

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