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A delicate face paint design around one eye done for a masquerade ball themed year-end function
Beautiful face paint design around the eye in shades of purple for a Fairies and Elves themed 30th birthday party
a half skeleton and a sugar skull face paint done for a year-end function in Bedfordview
A bohemian theme gives us the opportunity to paint lovely floral face paint designs for adults
Different colours of UV face paint in this design done with stencils added to the glow in the dark theme. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
This African Goddess face paint design in gold and blue looked amazing on this lady's dark skin
a design in shades of blue and a seashell inspired by the theme, under the sea, painted for a 30th birthday celebration
This scary clown face was painted as a surprise the morning of this guys'bachelors party
a pretty floral designs painted on this lady's arm for a bohemian themed year-end function in Pretoria
Neon face paint is something fun to add to a corporate event or private function
Blue and purple flower pattern painted on the side of an adult women's face
a Different kind of halloween face paint design in shades of purple with spiderwebs and a spider hanging over a full moon.
an alien mask face paint design painted around the one eye of an adult performer for a show on New Year's Eve at Suncity Holiday Resort, South Africa
Pretty face paint design with small butterflies around the eye suitable for young or old
a face paint design around the eye of an adult lady to match Alice in Wonderland theme.
This black and white Sugarskull face paint design was painted at a Day of the Dead themed party in Johannesburg.
an elegant adult butterfly face paint design with big diamantes matches her butterfly headpiece
a neon spiderweb face paint design looks great on this young adult and matches the glow in the dark theme of their office party
This cool Spiderman face paint design works perfectly for an adult face as well
This floral face paint design for women works well even in the day because the UV face paint is so bright
Adult design painted around the eye of a guest at a function in Houghton, Johannesburg
Face painting at festivals are very popular where ladies get colourful designs painted either on the side of the eye or around both eyes like in this picture
One of the fun halloween face painting designs I did for a trick or treat party in Johannesburg
a face paint design with pastel colours and a white snowflake is loved by younger girls and older women alike
a sophisticated Spidergirl face paint design around one eye with stars works well for older kids and teenagers
a half face Sugar Skull design looks very effective and is quick to execute if the face painter has limited time available.
These colourful face paint designs around the eye was a hit at a corporate event at the Killlarney Golf Club, South Africa. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
This half skull Halloween face paint design for men is always a hit and doesn't take that long to paint
a group of adult females got painted around one eye with green and black face paint to match the colourscheme of their corporate event
Two adult female waitresses looking great with these intricate flower face paint designs around one eye
A simplified Sugar Skull flower-like face paint design painted in Pretoria at a 30th birthday party
a UV face paint theme is perfect for an adult function or for teenagers because it is so much fun to see how these colours come alive under UV lights
Sugar skull face painting design to match a Day of the Dead theme office party in Johannesburg
Minimalistic Sugar Skull design with only one eye painted, a small skeleton nose and skeleton teeth on one side
a fantasy in dark green, purple and blue with white details mask face painted on a young lady
a beautiful pregnant mom with a painting on her belly
an adult male and female looking very scary with their skull face paint designs. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Colourful eye designs face painted on these pretty females at a festival. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
One of my first sugar skull face paint designs was this white and blue half sugar skull design for a bachelorette party. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Interesting face paint design around the eye painted on an adult women at a festival. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
face painting for adults at outdoor festivals. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
This neon face paint design had as much impact during the day as in the evening. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a Sugar skull face paint design with intricate detail around the eye painted on one half of this girls' face. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
a face paint design done around a guys eye at a Halloween party at Aqua Lounge in Midrand, Johannesburg. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Our special glow in the dark paint makes designs pop under UV lights. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
We sometimes also paint on arms and other body parts when asked like on this promo girls' arm at a nightclub in Rivonia. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Two colourful designs painted on the foreheads of two festival goers at Afrikaburn. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
UV face paint also works well during the day like on this guys' back at the H20 festival at Wildwaters in Boksburg
a cute mushroom painted on this party goers' body at H20
Christa painting a party goers' head at an event in Johannesburg. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
2 ladies who had their faces painted at an outdoor festival in South Africa. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
I usually paint these type of face painting designs on the side of one eye and it works perfectly for adults who want to add some fun to their event. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Seaweed-like design on the side of the dj's head at the Valley of Waves at Suncity. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Adult face paint design of a She-devil around both eyes painted for an Halloween event. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
Face painting is a great idea for a bachelorette party because everyone can get a beautiful face paint design around the eye in their favourite colours. www.enchantedbychrista.co.za
black and white scary skull face paint design for halloween
a pretty design with flower petals painted on the side of this ladies face at a corporate event in Johannesburg
Face painting at a bachelorette party is a fun and colourful way to put some smiles on faces
This fantasy painting on a pregnant mom's belly was for a boy to be born shortly after and therefore I chose a design of mushrooms, balloons and stars
Simple but elegant Sugar Skull designs to fit a Day of the Dead themed event




Rainbow pattern created by an LED hula hoop at a corporate function

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