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February 10, 2023

Venue for kiddies parties with a horse riding package

Hi there,

Today I would like to tell you about my exciting new venue project, a collaboration between myself and Bellevue Equestrian Centre. It wasn't easy at first due to Covid restrictions and lockdowns, but we used these quiet times to replant the garden and dream about all the magical events we plan to host here.

a Beautiful venue for kids' parties located in Pretoria East

The venue is on the spacious grounds of Bellevue Equestrian Centre in Tierpoort, Pretoria East. It's the original farmhouse which has been renovated into entertainment areas and has a porch overlooking the lush garden. There is a fully equipped kitchen with solar and gas and a restaurant-size fridge. The spacious garden has big trees and rockeries overlooking the paddocks. There is the option to self-cater or to sit back and relax while we organize everything for you.

This venue, with a jungle gym and jumping castle, provides the perfect setting for your next kiddies' birthday party where they can run freely, exploring and enjoying the outdoors. The atmosphere here is peaceful as horses feed in the paddocks, bunnies hop around the garden, and ducks swim in the nearby pond.

This beautiful venue is so peaceful. There is a big garden with green grass and big trees. We have a jumping castle for the kids but cater for all age groups and all occasions.

Because we are in collaboration with an equestrian centre, we can offer some exciting horse- and pony-riding options as an add-on or as part of our designer party packages. Bellevue's two mini horses, Nobi and Peggy Sue, are super cute for a dress-up theme or photoshoot. Such equine activities will bring something exciting to any kids' party. And the children’s physical & emotional well-being will be hugely enhanced by the presence of these majestic creatures.  

My vision for this venue is a space where kids can have fun and play, and adults can celebrate special occasions in a relaxed, natural setting. Here they can connect with nature and animals, re-discovering things so often forgotten in today's world where digital distractions and shopping malls are the order of the day. I dream of hosting beautiful events, workshops, holiday programmes, and parties here with activities such as drumming, planting succulents, hula hooping, and making dreamcatchers. Also, themed parties with games and activities such as treasure hunts and circus games to help stimulate movement & creativity. 

Hula hooping workshops for adults in a safe environment is a great way to relax

I have been in the entertainment industry for many years, working at kids' parties as a face painter or performer, and I know what kids like and what makes them happy. And it is often the simple things like jumping castles and balloons that keep them entertained for hours.

Planning a unique kiddies' party with our horse riding package

If you are looking for something different for your next kids' party then our Fun with Horses package promises to be a party your child will never forget. A package designed for kids who want to experience the exhilaration of riding and interacting with horses in a guided, safe environment. And moms looking for something new and fresh for the next party. 

The benefits of horse riding and horse interaction are immense. It brings kids out into nature, where the fresh atmosphere of the outdoors helps them diffuse stress and fear. Boosts confidence and improves socialization. Cultivates a healthy respect for animals and all living creatures and creates life experience immersion by giving them that thrill of physically riding a horse with their friends.

Included in the package is a horse riding lesson with one of our qualified instructors and some of our grooms to assist. Kids will also spend some time in the stables washing, grooming, and feeding these gentle animals and learning about horse care. An optional add-on to this package is to paint our pony Stella with hypoallergenic face paint. It is safe for her, and she loves the attention. Afterwards, she also gets a bath. This package is suitable for kids of all ages and teenagers who are often difficult to please.   

Safety is obviously of the utmost importance to us, so for that reason, experienced grooms assist on the day. They lead each horse at all times to ensure the children's safety. 

Booking this package is so easy. Once you have a date and the number of kids attending, get in touch with me to secure your time slot and the number of horses and grooms to book. Then, all that remains is to arrange the finer details, like décor, catering, and other entertainment add-ons like face painting. Look at our entertainment page for more ideas.

A group of young girls with their pretty face paint designs at a party held at Bellevue Equestrian Centre's party & event venue. These type of face paint designs alongside one eye is great for teenagers who don't want to have big designs painted on their faces. Our skilled face painters can do any thing from floral designs to animal print face paint designs

Look at what a happy mom had to say: "I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for yesterday's party. It was amazing! You put so much effort into making the day special. I am delighted that we decided on the horse riding package because it just added that extra element of fun for the kids. Everyone, including the adults, loved it. – Anel

Spiderman theme party at the venue at Bellevue Equestrian Centre

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully, it has inspired you to organize your next kiddies' party. I can't wait to welcome you and them to this beautiful tranquil setting in the East of Pretoria.

Get in touch

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding the venue and party packages or to chat about your next upcoming celebration. Please get in touch with me here

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